Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 19 - Na Pali and Local

Today our group split up and took two directions, the Na Pali coast and the local Kapa'a scene.

For those who hung around Kapa'a, we went swimming and slept in the hammocks and did a little local snorkeling, to to recover before our trip to Pearl Harbor tomorrow.

The rest of the group made their way to the Na Pali coast to hike and hang out in Hanalei. Thanks to Alex G for these great pictures from that trip!

Wailua Falls

Heading down to the falls

A thing of beauty

Looks like a highly eroded remains of pillow basalt, maybe broken off from somewhere around here. Not sure though
A little closer - A little wetter
Another wonder of Kauai
Onto the Na Pali coast hike to the Queens Bath

A lush environment
A falls around the corner
The coast line was pummeled today by the huge surf!
Sadly 23 have died here. Watching from a distance is a respect to the power that can overcome in natural settings
The Queen's Bath with huge surf
Onto the beach and a really cool cave!

No Parking - A spider lives here
Where does it end?

Wow, the surf is powerful!
Just feet in today with the huge waves
Professor Van Kooten bids Kauai a good-bye from the hot tub overlooking the ocean at our accommodations
Miles Hiked today and yesterday 1.1
Miles Hiked in Hawaii: 59.8 miles
Miles on the car: 1392 miles
Number of U-Turns: 22
Number of amazing days in Hawaii - all of them!

Daily Kauai Chicken/Rooster Picture

East, west, north, or south  you find them everywhere on Kauai
Tomorrow is Pearl Harbor - a sobering morning. And then off to fly home.

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