Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 2 – Sunday January 22

Needed a real day of rest and got it. After a small breakfast of fruit and cream-of-wheat and a little reset and conversation with Johnathan about history and politics of Ethiopia and Eritrea, we headed off to Trivoli restaurant for lunch. We met Johnathan’s daughter, parents, and some missionaries from Grand Rapids of all places (Jim and his sons Luke and Matthew) and I had chicken fajitas that were delicious. Yes, Mexican fajitas – the Ethiopia food will come. 

After a relaxing meal in about 78 degree sun-shine at about 7500 feet elevation, we took a wonderful trip up into the mountains that surround Addis Ababa with a geographer from Addis Ababa University, Yirgalem. He took us high into the mountains to the north and we stopped for some amazing vistas. So many eucalyptus trees (non-native from Austraila) and tall stands of native junipers. I left my camera in my lost luggage bag, so Emma took lots of pictures. After a fun trip passing through the city and mountain areas, we headed back to the city and got some local grain “pop-corn” called kolo. It was delicious!  Oh and I had a pineapple Fanta, which was the best I have had except for the wonderful south Mediterranean Fanta Lemon. After some coffee, we walked back to our house and I worked on some maps and watched the first-half of the Patriots/Ravens game.

This is a pretty amazing place. The smells, sounds, and people everywhere give a real sense of the place that is unlike any I have been too. It is most like Albania in its feel, but yet still so distinct and unique.

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