Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 3 - Church, Addis, and some Buses

What a glorious day in Addis Ababa!!! The beauty of the day is spectacular with sunshine and warm 68 degrees. The wind is hardly blowing and we are staying at a beauty hotel - the Ghion. Check it out the gardens that surround the conference GIS Summit here:

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This morning we had a wonderful church service at the International Evangelical Church of Addis

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International Evangelical Church in Addis Ababa

Johnathan met many many friends from the past and we had a nice lunch with some of them. Then we toured Addis just a little before heading to our conference hotel and began prepping for tomorrow. We met also with several people by phone and also with the head of the Ethiopian Mapping Agency, who was wonderful to talk with. He and a couple of others will introduce the conference tomorrow and then I will be meeting with Ministry executives and GIS technicians towards and National Geospatial Data Infrastructure. 

And yes, here are some buses in the capital!

and one more from Khartoum!

I'll try to get more and some pics of the new light rail system going in too!

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